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Why does Canada have women in the workforce?

Only men can work in Canada.

As we all know, Canadian women cannot do ANYTHING right. Canadian women belong in kitchens (if they are even capable of cooking).....or in bedrooms with penises in their rectums.

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    They tried out a female lumberjack a few years back but she didnt really do a good job. Over the decades there have been isolated cases of female truck drivers, female athletes, female accountants, even female singers. At one stage they were considering letting them join the military and go into politics, but we got past all that nonsense, the ladies have their place and the men have theirs, 'nuff said.

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    Why have YOU been let out of the psychiatric facility?

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  • I must be doing some thing right. I'm a Canadian woman that's been working for 20+ years. 

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    Idiot / pointless troll .

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    Troll better, not harder.

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    cause they need to work too

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