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Guy that only wants to sleep with me is jealous that I slept with someone else?

A guy that only wants to sleep with me started questioning where I was last night & asking why I’m in a hotel room when he saw my Snapchat story of my fancy hotel room that me & my other date got by the beach, if he only wants to sleep with me why does he care if I sleep with other guys?

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  • 2 months ago

    Just because he only wants to sleep with you, doesn't mean he cant get jealous.

    His next door neighbour could buy a better car than him. If he is a jealous person, then even THAT will anger him!

    Sit him down and tell him what you want, and what it will take for him to have you exclusively, If he cannot accept those terms then you may be better off without him.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Human beings are kinda weird like that.  He can bang several people, that is fine however those several people he is banging can't do the same with others.  The reasons are numerous ranging from something common like jealousy to something like an ownership complex. 

    To the porn answer below, a lot of persons of all genders/gender identities don't mind facials nor find them degrading and the majority of pornography is no longer like that.

    👍 Ian.Phil.Structure

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