What is the bulgy part of the Xbox controller wire?

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  • opurt
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    1 month ago
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    It's a ferrite bead, and it's there to suppress interference. Not so much from sending it out, but from receiving it. A cable can act like an antenna and pick up random transmissions that can mess with the signal going from the controller to the console, so they add the ferrite bead to dampen the interference.

  • 1 month ago

    Those things, 

    which are called by various terms including "choke", 

    regardless of the kind of cable they are on, 

    are supposed to prevent the cable from emitting RF noise 

    that can interfere with radio reception.       


    My personal view is that they don't have much chance of really working,  

    but it's still better to have them than not. 

  • Matt
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    1 month ago

    its reproductive organs

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