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how can i lose 30 lbs in two months without exercise?

im 18 years old and im 5'4-5'5 and i weigh about 142 lbs. i stopped growing in height like 4 years ago but ive gained about 20 lbs in the past 3 years... i noticed an extreme difference and change in the shape of my face, especially the cheeks because of the weight gain. i really hate how it looks and want to be skinny again

how can i lose the weight really fast without exercise?? im literally willing to starve myself im desperate at this point. i dont care if its unhealthy.. how much should i be eating to lose 30lbs in 2 months

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    If you find out let me know

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    You can go on the Ketogenic Diet. 

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    I suggest that you should drink water first before eating, so you will feel full and you will eat lesser than before and do some exercise even light exercises only. It will take up more time, but if you want to decrease your weight for the fastest way, work out regularly and consistently, and have a proper and balanced diet.

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    you can chop off a body part you don't need and you can't lose that amount of weight without some type of exercise

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     Get a grip, girl!

    Weight loss is really very easy, it just requires some discipline and a good mindset.

    Follow a keto diet at 1200-1500 calories a day.  Use a free app like Lose It! to track your calories.  Eat lost of fresh veggies (like six cups a day), get 6-8 ounces of quality protein in, and some good fats.  Cut the carbs including bread, cereal, pasta, potatoes, rice, juice and soft drinks.  Use stevia and monk fruit sweeteners.  Keep fruit to a minimum.  You can eat a lot of delicious and nutrient-packed foods that will fuel your body and brain as well as fat loss.

    Unless you are a paraplegic, you need to get daily exercise.  Everyone does.  You can go for a walk or bike ride, or you can get on YouTube and follow a 30-minute workout out.  There are hundreds of them.  Exercise is really important for your brain as well as for optimizing your body composition.

    Another thing is being realistic.  You put on weight over 3 years and now you want it gone is 2 months.  Really?  You can definitely drop a dress size -- or more -- in two months and continue to lose fat until you've reached your goal.

    Now about that goal...weight is not the best indicator of health, fitness, beauty, clothing size, intelligence, sex appeal, popularly, or body composition.  While it is what most people focus on, it is really more important to look more holistically at your health.  IF you learn to eat healthy foods with the calorie range of what your body burns each day (BMR or TDEE) you will reach and maintain a healthy BMI.  If you do a crash diet and then go back to overeating, you'll gain the weight back.  

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    Come down with metastatic terminal bowel cancer.


    Seriously, go on a 1200 calorie  a day diet and you should lose about 5 pounds a month, at your age, your metabolism. You can drop 30 pounds in about 4 months, without the exercising.

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    You can't unless you starve yourself, and starving yourself is 100% not worth it eat a little less and try to exercise and you'll get there!

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    Don't do it, it's not worth it. I really really really can't begin to express just how much disordered eating will take over your life. Don't even go down that path, just eat nourishing foods and find exercises that work for you. Self love is better than any diet.

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