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why won’t my project render?

i’ve been trying to render a project on after effects for hours now. it won’t render after q certain point in the project and it stops rendering after the same point everytime i render it. i’ve tried nearly every possible thing. i have enough memory to render it and ive tried to render it on adobe media encoder and after effects. i’ve cleared my disk cache, changed my output destination and basically everything i can think of. if u know how to fix please tell me i’ve been trying for hours. i’ve considered the possibility of it being a problem with the clip that it stops at but there are no damaged effects or anything that would’ve caused it to stop rendering like that that i can think of.


i unchecked the clip where it stopped but it still stops at that same point it’s very strange

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    2 months ago

    if it stops at the same point, look at the preview screen, and see what point in the video it happens. check out the part it DOESN'T render. it may be an issue with the format or a damaged video file. it may even be one of the filters you are using...

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