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Experience with natural remedies for fleas on dogs?

My dog is sensitive to everything; we can't even take him to the groomers because whatever they use triggers a reaction in him. After speaking with my vet, they said that essential oils like peppermint, rosemary, and citronella can work great when watered down and applied right to the dog. But how effective are they at repelling fleas? Any experience with this? He's not infested or anything, just noticed one or two here and there, nothing out of control. He lays in the yard. Our new routine is before he comes in, I comb him. 

And last year, when we brought him home from the rescue, he had maybe 4 or 5 crawling on him. I removed them when I saw them, winter hit, and that was the end of them. And NO, my vet said to absolutely not use the traditional methods, like the stuff you get in a tube and rub on their backs, and she's even leary of us using a medicated shampoo. Better safe than sorry! Just want to know if anyone has had good results, ANY results, and what you used. 

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    my dog is allergic to everything, too. everything sets her off. for fleas on her, i use 8-10 drops cedarwood oil mixed with 12 ounces of water and a splash of coconut oil, or olive oil if i'm out. you must remember to use another carrier oil, because even diluted, a lot of essential oils are too strong for dogs. brush the coat against how it's growing and spray and comb through. fleas aren't all over the dog, so get the spots really good where you notice. fleas are always at my dogs butt and tail. my vet approved this concoction. cedar not only repels, but can also kill them if they are already on your dog. peppermint, lavender, rosemary, and citronella repel, but don't really kill. i will also add a few drops to her shampoo when fleas are bad in my area, which is july through october. i also add some drops to another bottle with lemon and vinegar and spray the yard. i don't have a green thumb and don't know where you are, but many people don't know that citronell is a plant! if you can, plant a few in your yard. since i started the cedarwood mix about 6 years ago, i notice maybe 3 or 4 on her and that's it and get to work. she's never been infested, either.

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    I know your dog is part border collie; they can have a BAD (toxic) reaction to a number of heartworm meds.  Some of these also offer a flea/tick product, so indeed you have to be careful about products used, in that regard.

    I think Anon gave you good advice. I agree you have to be cautious about using essential oils directly on any skin/coat.  MANY are not safe for that purpose, they are for SCENT or mood purposes only; not safe, if placed on skin.

    A million years ago, my mother had good luck filling our GSD's dog kennel (a fenced-in, 1 car garage) with fresh cedar shavings to prevent fleas, and she always smelled SO good!  

    You can buy cedar shavings in a peat moss size BALE (aka bag) at some lumber places or at tractor supply places/farm stores.  I used to buy cotton pillow case cover "protectors" often used by people who rent out homes (you put the the bed pillow in) BEFORE you put on the pillow case. These "protectors" are usually standard pillow size - BUT WITH A ZIPPER and can be filled with red cedar shavings, or a mix of cedar shavings & polyfill -for a dog bed.  Easy to change out, as needed.  Your dog may also benefit, if you only wash fabrics it comes directly in contact with, if you use,  Deft detergent for "newborn infants" - which is labeled as = hypoallergenic.

    I had one dog to be "seemingly" allergic to all shampoos even hypoallergenic ones, but it turned out, THAT DOG only broke out in hives.... WHEN I washed & lathered her AGAINST the growth grain of the coat.  When I stopped washing her so vigorously against the coat growth pattern, she stopped breaking out; regardless of shampoo used.  Just mentioning this, IN CASE it makes any *difference* for your dog.

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