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Which is correct?

Many children enjoy (putting / putting up) Christmas ornaments around the house.


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  • 6 months ago
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    curtisports are right. We only use "ornaments" for the things on the tree. The others are decorations.

    Many children enjoying putting ornaments on the tree.

    Many children enjoying putting decorations around the house.

    Many children enjoying putting up their stockings on the mantel (because the mantel is "up" to most children.)

    Oddly, after Christmas, Mom puts up the ornaments and decorations, meaning she puts them into storage for the next year. 

  • 6 months ago

    Ornaments are for the tree. Anything else around the house are decorations.

    Ornaments - putting on the tree.

    Decorations - putting up around the house.

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    6 months ago

    Hey San!

    Get 100 replies and get just about a 50/50 either way response will be my guess.

    @RP has said putting - and made a logical case.  IMO I would use putting up, only because the majority of decorations are hung (on a tree, eaves, door, "by the fire with care," etc.  

    We've always said "Let's put up the Christmas Tree" in my house.   "Dad, why do we always put up the Christmas lights the weekend of Thanksgiving?"  

    Neither way will be right or wrong.  

    Hopes this help

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    6 months ago

    Either could work, but my choice is putting. Some may be up, like on a tree, but some may be down, like at the base of a tree. Also, up adds nothing but one very short word. Including or omitting it does not change the meaning in any significant way.

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