Is Team Rocket a cult? ?

Jessie and James are basically run away children who are being taken advantage of and the phrase that they always say is very cult mentality like.

They are also working for an old man that we know nothing about. One can conclude that they are either in a gang or a cult

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  • John
    Lv 7
    5 months ago

    no. team rocket IS a gang, but they aren't a cult. there's no religious/spiritual goal for team rocket nor do they try to convert others. they're just a gang that steal pokemon in order to turn a profit. in the games they run the game corner in celadon city and offer rare pokemon as prizes. they, or more specifically giovanni, are also responsible for the creation of mewtwo, who was designed to be the most powerful pokemon in the world.

    as for jessie and james, they are young adults. we don't know exactly when they joined the organization, but they didn't join as kids. james was under a lot of pressure as a child due to the expectations his parents put upon him, so he left his life of luxury because he couldn't take it. jessie's mother was a member of team rocket herself, but went missing while searching for mew. jessie did try to do other things though, she went to pokemon nursing school for example, but was put in the class for the chansey and blissey, not the nurse joys. she too eventually joined team rocket. even meowth had it hard. he was a stray that struggled to find enough food, joined a gang of other meowth and persian and was able to get food by working together with them, fell in love with a rich lady's meowth, taught himself to speak like a human to impress her, but ultimately got dismissed by both her and his gang as a freak.

    in real life, gang members often join gangs because of problems in their life. they may join to get some sort of acceptance or approval from others or because they feel like they have a sort of family in the gang that they don't have outside of it. jessie, james, and meowth have all had their share of hardships and heartaches growing up, but in team rocket they've discovered each other and have a little family they wouldn't have otherwise

  • 6 months ago

    No. First, your background information is very wrong. Jessie and James are not children, and they did not join Team Rocket as children. The leader of Team Rocket, Giovanni, is neither particularly old, nor is his identity unknown to the members of Team Rocket.

    Second, although the definition of "cult" is somewhat subjective, Team Rocket fails the criteria of the more widely accepted tests, such as the BITE model. They do not closely control their agents movements, there's no indication they forbid romance, failure is not heavily penalized, they don't engage in ritualistic behavior, they don't forbid agents from looking at / reading outside information, and they don't threaten the family members of agents. They aren't any closer to being a cult according to the BITE model than most corporations. Which makes sense to anyone who's actually heard of a mafia. They're a criminal organization, not a church. They want money / power, not your soul.

    Read through the criteria. Write it down if it's something that Team Rocket does. Then cross it out if it's also something Walmart or McDonalds does. You'll probably have a very short list.

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    You haven't been paying attention to Pokemon if you don't know who the old man Team Rock works for. So here is a history lesson. His name is Giovanni. He's the Viridian Gym Leader in the Indigo League. He specialized in Ground-type Pokémon. You get the Earth Badge from him. He wants to collect rare Pokemon of all types and thus how Team Rocket was formed. He was also responsible for the creation of Mewtwo. Mewtwo worked for him for a little while until Mewtwo learned of his real plan and fled. Giovanni once again try to capture Mewtwo but with the help of Satoshi, Giovanni was once again defeated.

    Jessie, James, and Meowth is just a comedy act. They are not a cult. They are actually there to help Satoshi get stronger. Notice how they are soooo weak that they always lose to Satoshi and Pikachu when they are the bad guys. But when they are the good guys, you notice that they are pretty strong.

    Also, Jessie, James, and Meowth is not the only members of Team Rock. There is like a whole lot of them. They are kind of like a secret military force working for Giovanni.

  • 6 months ago

    The Rockets have been a freak show for years. All this hype, the media is always, "Rockets winning championship, Rockets winning championship"... Yeah that's not going to happen...

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