How to find wifi hotspot speeds on a phone?

I use my mobile phone as a wifi hotspot to use internet on my laptop. I currently use a galaxy s7 for this and it's pretty slow. I am thinking of upgrading to an S9 or S10. I am wondering how to find out the wifi hotspot speeds of these phones. My Dell XPS 15 does support Wifi 6, and apparently the S10 has Wifi 6 as well. Does that mean the S10 would be significantly faster as a wifi hotspot? Or does wifi hotspot mainly depend on upload/download speeds of the phone. Thanks


Just to be clear, my Phone has a download speed of 60 mbps, but i only get 1 mbps download speed on my computer. The transfer of data from the phone to the computer is obviously a huge bottleneck and I want to know if that's because my phone only has wifi 5 or if there is some other reason

Update 2:

How the **** is P getting thumbs up, he clearly doesn't understand anything. The connection to my phone is literally 100x faster than the connection to my computer. THE PHONE is the bottleneck. NOT THE TOWER. Idiot

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    5 months ago

    The speed of the hotspot connection is going to be limited by the speed your phone gets to your local cell tower.  Upgrading to a 5G capable phone would ensure you will get the fastest connection available for your local area.

    Download the app on the phone and compare it to the results you get on your PC using the hotspot.  If they are about the same then the hotspot isn't causing any slowdown.   A newer phone may be able to take advantage of faster cell tower speeds, but if your local cell tower hasn't been upgraded you will be out of luck regardless. 

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