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living in canada with a disability?

sadly I live in the usa and feel the need to  leave no criminal record  have a high school diploma trade school grad with assoc but been sick all my life and have a disability would canada accept me with no racial no's as im african american and what would i need to prepare to transition and what would be a good area as im fed up with ignorant racial thuggish areas in the usa  let me know as much as you can thanks 

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  • Currently, no because our border is closed to Americans which isn't changing anytime soon (because you can't be arsed to wear a mask, socially distance and behave in a remotely responsible fashion).  Plus, you can't just show up.  We have actual immigration policies.  You need to educate yourself on immigration and likely look at the legal process of immigrating to our country.

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    You have no qualifications which would allow you to migrate to Canada.

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    If you have a disability and are unable to work, you will not be accepted to immigrate to Canada, except perhaps if you have a Canadian relative who can sponsor you. Even people who can work, and who have skills wanted in Canada, don't always have an easy time getting into Canada.

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    I don't know if it would work, but if I were in your shoes, I'd cry "REFUGEE"!! I'd try refugee!

    EDIT: [l deserve the down thumbs, I agree, but nothing else will put him in Canada!!]

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    Your race would not matter (we don't care about that in Canada as a general rule), but, the disability might.  If you will end up being a burden on our health care system, they will not let you immigrate.  It is as simple as that.

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