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Has CV-19 had any effect on truckers and dockworkers?

In other words, has CV-19 disrupted the supply chain of essential goods?

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    Freight rates are up this year and a large factor is claims of driver shortages and reduced capacity from carriers.

    From what I've seen the economic shutdowns have had a far greater effect than the virus itself.  Quite simply, there's not enough freight moving between major locations, so major companies have scaled back operations while independents have been forced to sit idle. 

    For example, an independent owner/operator may have charged $3,000 to move a truckload of goods from the East to Los Angeles last year knowing that he'd likely secure a load coming out of the Port of L.A. to cover his return trip.  Without that guarantee on the return, he may now charge $5,000 to make sure his costs are covered.

    There have been a couple cases of COVID outbreaks being blamed for personnel shortages at freight terminals, but again the main disruption was due to cutbacks already made due to economic conditions.

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    Not so much internally but goods using parts made in China are effected          

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