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Can you build a NFL bubble?

With the threat of cancelling college football seemingly imminent, can you build an NFL bubble to propose to the league?  you would likely need multiple hubs to allow minimal travel, and rearrange the schedule all together as well.

I wanted to see if anyone can come up with a solution to this problem.

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    It's not practical for NFL at all.  Aside from how much bigger the facilities would need to be given the number of players and support staff, NFL only plays once a week and insists that's all they are capable of doing.  That means you can't consolidate the season without dropping a great number of games (and teams already play a small percentage of teams in a season.)  Being in a bubble means everyone is away from their families the entire time.  Coaches, trainers, medical, etc would not see their kids, wives, etc for months and months.  Current bubbles for other leagues are already pushing that limit.

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