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Your in a car going 100mph Your in a train going 125mph Your in a plane going 500mph Yet only in the car i feal the sence of speed,whys that?


I ment feel not feal.

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    It is due to 2 separate effects:

    1)  We judge speed by the rate of angular motion of objects in the outside world, e.g. the number of degrees in our visual field an object moves per second.   In a car, the road in front of us is very close and this increases the rate of angular motion of road/road-side features.

    (If you watch a distant plane in the sky it hardly moves each second.  But if you were close to the plane it would whizz by you in a fraction of a second.  It appears to move faster the nearer you are.)

    2.)  We have learned to associate increased vibrations and noise with increased speed; there is generally a higher level of vibration and noise in a car compared to a plane or train.

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    Because you also spell '"you're" as "your" and "sense" as "sence" and "why's" as "whys", and you use lower case " i " for yourself. Stick to your English lessons before trying physics.

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    You are riding ON a relatively rough ROAD surface, so you are experiencing many random accelerations in other directions than that of the direction of travel-- from  moving over BUMPS on the road or the need to make small course corrections (turns) not felt in a train or aircraft---And the more frequent the acceleration changes, the greater sense of SPEED.

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    Feal the sence? 

    Oh my. 

    It's because in the car you are close to the ground, and therefore have a basis of comparison of your movement. 

    Decades ago, I first flew an airplane.  As it sped faster and faster, on take-off, I saw the ground going by very quickly, but as soon as I went fast enough to fly and leave the ground, I felt like I was slowing down and hanging from a rope.  It was bizarre. 

    Because I got farther away from the ground, I lost my reference to it.

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    If you in puffing billy ( a train) at 15 mph you feel a real sense of speed.  There are two cues your brain uses.  a) the angular velocity of objects.  b) the accelerations causing forces.  Which also includes the "shock" ( rate of change of force).  The lower the car to the ground the faster you feel the movement because the ANGULAR velocity increases.

    Conversely in a plane it is a long way from any object so the angular velocity is low.  

    This effect disappears if you close your eyes or cannot see out.

    The other effect is due to the forces.  In puffing billy not only are the corners sharp but they were laid out in the old days where we had little understanding of transition curves.  So you enter a corner and SUDDENLY are thrown sideways.  In a car you suddenly hit a slight bump in the road.

    The plane can give a large force in taking off or cornering.  But it changes its orientation where possible so that the direction of the forces remain vertical and the forces increase gradually.

    You notice it far more at takeoff where the engine rapidly reaches full thrust.

    In essence your sense of speed is determined by the sensory inputs and the brain processing those.

    Incidentally you haven't compared it to galloping on a horse or to riding a pushbike "fast" both or which have other cues to signal speed. ( such as puffing your lungs out or the rushing of air over your body.  Or even the suction lifting the helmet up from your head )

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    Not true at all.  As a retired aviator I can attest to the fact that I sense lots of motion when I'm flying aerobatics or air to air combat.  And last time I road a train to Napa I felt all kinds of motion when it turned corners and stopped and started.

    And the reason all moving objects will give a sense of motion when turning and or stopping and stopping is because they all follow Newtons laws of Motion.

    If you are claiming all three are just gong straight and level, they you'll still get the sense of motion if you simply look out the window like you do with a car.

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    How close you are to the ground, ie the surface you are moving with respect to, and the smoothness of the ride. Also a car engine at 100mph sounds fast.

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    No idea. I can’t see inside your brain. And your spelling is appalling. You’re. Feel. Sense. Meant.

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