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When I was slim I got more attention on facebook, are people really that shallow?

I used to be quite slim but after a breakup put on a lot of weight so Im a little overweight now

Things is when I was slim people would comment on my photos saying how good I look and Id get a lot of attention

Now thats really decreased

Do you think people are that shallow? as I thought my friends would still comment although im not stick thin anymore

Its getting me down as I feel I need to lose weight to get approval again and it shouldnt be like that

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    Yes, people tend to be visual creatures. We can't speak for your friends, but how often do you continue to tell them they "look good" if they've gained or lost weight to where they aren't at their ideal size? If you don't mean it, you shouldn't say it. Stick thin isn't typically very attractive or healthy (just like being quite heavy isn't). 


    You should focus on being healthy, and not making your self esteem be based on reactions to pics you post on social media. 

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    Two things

    1. The less attractive a person is the less attention they get (you're not the only one).

    2. You shouldn't seek approval from others.

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