Heavy walking upstairs neighbor... Now what?

We bought our wood frame condo about a year ago, and the people upstairs bought and moved upstairs about three months later. 

Lo and behold, they walk full on with their heels on laminate flooring, and we can hear every step they take. Unfortunately they aren't chill people, so they pace back and forth all day for some reason as if they are in panick. 

I've gone through anger counseling to deal with the daily impact noise, especially since I'm pregnant with fear that my blood pressure and my daily angry crying tears would affect the baby.

My regret is letting my husband file a noise complaint to strata and council about their horrible stomps, because it only escalated for MONTHS (4 to be exact) before forcing them to get a carpet via strata. (We have spoken to them upfront early on about their loud music once.. to which they hesitantly complied).

It's been generally ok now for the last month or so.. but we're starting to hear heavy stomping again?? Maybe one of them lost their job?! 

Anyway, perhaps it's futile now.. but is it too late to bring upstairs a homemade baked good and just saying something like, "the building construction sucks, we get it.. but we really appreciate the last month or so especially since I'm referring my third trimester. But recently we can hear you again.. not sure what changed.. so I brought you a chocolate loaf as a peace offering and appreciation for the last several weeks."



Entering third trimester*

2 Answers

  • d j
    Lv 6
    3 months ago

    You need to move from this place, because the sound is going to bother you. Even if your neighbours are careful of keeping it low. 

    Wooden frame is going to make noise.

    It is going to be noisy for your baby too when he/she arrives. Moreover lack of proper sleep or disturbed sleep pattern is going to affect you in some way in your pregnancy period.

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    I have several thoughts.  Move is one of those thoughts.  If you need anger counseling and blood pressure medication - MOVE!

    You cannot change ignorant people.

    You "let" your husband do something?  You have that kind of a controlling nature?

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