Help with a square root question? ?

I’m having trouble with this question. I’m not sure what to research on how to find the square root of a number and exponent, so if you could also walk me through the process is would be such an immense help! 


Oh I just realized, is it asking me to find the square root of these numbers separately? The square root of 121 and 8 squared? I was confused for a moment because it looked like a fraction 

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  • Amy
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    4 months ago
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    Yeah, that looks like two separate questions that got formatted badly.

    If you still want to know how to take the squareroot of a fraction: roots are exponents, and exponents distribute over multiplication and division.

    √(121/64) = √121 / √64

  • sepia
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    4 months ago

    11 and 64

  • I think your update is right on the money.  Find each separately.

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