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Difference between a republic and a representative democracy? Are they both forms of government? Any differences ?

All I can find online is that a republic means the public rules the government and democracy means rule by the people. THOSE BOTH MEAN THE SAME THING. So what is the difference between the two terms. I know what a direct democracy is and I know what a representative democracy is. What is a republic? And what makes it different than a representative democracy. I don’t understand what people mean when they say republic 

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    A Republic's primary concern is for a stable and predictable rule of law. The methodology of how it arrives at that, is not the defining characteristic of what makes a Republic a Republic.

    A Democracy on the other hand is all about the methodology with little regard for stability or predictability. Law is achieved by the vote of the people, either directly or indirectly through representatives, who themselves are voted on by the people. however, the predictability of law is fickle, depending on the mood of the people at the time.

    A Democratic Republic is a combination of the the best aspects of both to one degree or another, namely the steadiness and predictability of the rule of law with rule by the people, usually through their elected representatives.

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