I need some Job suggestions?

Hello, right now I am lucky to have a job considering the pandemic we are in, I am only 16 so I’m working a minimum wage job at a pizza place but my dream job is to be a writer/director when I am older. I’m looking for jobs that could help me get some experience, and to see if that’s truly what I want to do, etc. anyway, I won’t be quitting my current job unless I find one but if you guys have any suggestions for a job that I could get that would help me get experience for film making that would be great. Thank you.

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    The reality is that there aren't jobs for teenagers like that.  What you can do is keep your pizza job -- or any other job you get -- and get involved in your passions as a hobby.  People who end up as writers write.  People who end up as directors are making films on their phones.  

    There are things you can do that cost money, but will provide you with more exposure.  For example, there is a fee-based streaming service called MasterClass that has "classes" from famous writers, directors, actors, etc.  They talk about how they go about their craft in a lot of detail.  It costs about $100 for a year, but you can watch a lot of video sessions in a year.

    Your high school may also have a film production class.  If so, take it.  

    If you want to get into a film directing major in college, you will have to submit your work (your student films) as part of the application process.

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    Join seafarers international union.   Work a couple years at 5-8000/ month, see the world and make some money for school.

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    A writer as in a novel writer?  And director as in film director?  Those are two completely different fields.  If you want to be a writer then simply write.  Read a lot of books to improve your skills, too.  The same goes for film directing - write down movie ideas/amateur screenplays, and make small movies.  World-renowned film director, Quentin Tarantino, was 14 when he wrote his first screenplay.  He loved watching films and recording his own on a small camera.  If you really want this then you should already know you love it.

    Once you become old enough, you can go to either film school or major in English/Creative Writing in college to hone your skills.  Neither of these are necessary, but they may help you get a job or make connections.

  • Scott
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    2 months ago

    At age 16, you are not going to get a job as an aspiring writer or Hollywood director. You need to focus on your education instead.  

    Trying to be a successful writer or director is similar to trying to be an NFL player or astronaut. There aren’t many jobs available.

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