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Should I start college now or wait?

I took a gap year and I’m glad I did. I was homeless and lived in some bad conditions and I’m sure I would’ve been overwhelmed. I did save some money so now I’m ready to start. Now my problem is I might be moving out of state in a year. MIGHT. So I’m scared to start at my public college that’s down the street. I plan on getting my associates at a community college. If I have to switch colleges will it be that bad, also if I don’t start college... just because I’m unsure, is that a bad idea. 

My dads really encouraging me to move to Georgia and start college there, he’s never really been in my life though. Rn I’m with my mom, helping pay rent and my mental is finally great. My best friend. But I’m getting stuck on “you have to get out of your comfort zone”. Why when I’m stable and ready to focus on school. ADVICE!?

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    What do you mean by "your dad's never really been in your life"?

    If he wasn't a custodial parent and didn't claim you as a dependent on his taxes, you're likely not going to qualify as a Georgia resident for tuition purposes. Tuition would be almost three times what you'd pay as a state resident. Is your dad offering to pay the difference? Do you trust him to keep his word? 

    If I were you, I'd go to the local college then transfer to a state school in the state you're in now. If you want to "move out of your comfort zone" then skip community college and go directly to university (instate). It's one thing to move out of your comfort zone, and another thing entirely to bankrupt yourself for no good reason. You can move to Georgia once you get your bachelor's degree. 

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    You would be foolish to move anywhere now, or next year, or before you finish school. You'll lose any in-state tuition subsidies you might be currently eligible for. You've had a period of difficulty, are getting past it, so do not set yourself up for complications! If you've got things pretty much together now, stay put, focus on SCHOOL, get your degree or vocational/occupational training, or whatever your goal is. The challenges of academic achievement at the college level ARE going to get you out of your comfort zone! Focus-focus-focus. And do not sabotage yourself.

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