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Is losing 3st in 10 months good ?

I weigh 9st and ‘heavier than prefect’ at 5’3 

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    That's 42 lbs in 10 months or 4.2 lbs/month, which is fine. Approximately 1 pound per week, which is a maintainable rate of loss AND helps ensure you'll find it easier to keep that weight off. The faster a person loses weight, the harder it is to keep off long term. 

    Bravo you! The recommended weight range for a 5'3" female is 113 - 131 lbs, depending on body frame size (per the calculator in the source link). You're at 126 lbs now, which is fine if you have a large frame. If you have a small or medium frame, then you're still a bit over but you're doing great. 

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