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Advice/words of wisdom? My boyfriend broke up w/me for his ex that cheated on him because she has thyroid cancer & he loves her ?

I feel like this is more out of pity, because if she never called crying he wasn’t contacting her. 


SORRY. She didn’t cheat on him because she has thyroid cancer, but that’s why they got back together 

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    You asked for advice//words of wisdom...and mine, to you, is that it doesn't matter why he broke up with you, only that he did. Time to get on with your life.  The longer and more you brood about the causes, the longer and harder it will be for you to heal and move on. Good wishes,

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    I've never heard of anyone cheating on someone because they have thyroid cancer before. As far as excuses go, that's a new one. You've got to admire her creativity.

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