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i cannot do this anymore?


please i need you to email me please. this is brutally painful what u are doing.I  need assitance. Please brother admin I know u know me. What do u gain from this. What do i gain. U dont think its destroying things more, U know my concord, my parents, my inability to drive ..then why are u doing this to me? i cant do anything here. If only god could make me go back in time i would do what u said. come to india back in 2017, but iwas so overhemed that time.

Update 2:

unfortunetly i cannot go back in tme. and the scars did not fix In THREE YEARS. so the scaring was permenant. I could have however gotten a plce to live with the proper advice from u. U just told me to wait. Lyft is not private driver okay. Just wait. Wait for age to increase. Now im asking u as a friend at least dont tell me to wait. I know i sound selfihs but that is what happens when u abandon someone because of house. when all of usa and governemtn only recognized 790 mansion as ME.

Update 3:

i dont hae any help in usa. ikay. i am old . im unmarried, Uneducate. i tried looking for a man online dating. IS it my fault that u wer from india. Does that mean I cant do anything because u are in india. u could have helped me get yahoo job or anything. But u judged on th house. :'(

Update 4:

i honestly did all that waiting so we could be together. what the hell was i supposed to do. its so embaressing to think the hours i sepnd watching mukabangs, and frustration On youtube Movies, Saw the whole mahabarath series.Talked and researched all about rajiv gandhi assasination. IS THIS GOOD??

CLEARLY i was frustrated by the situations.

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    2 months ago

    It's old age    

    believe me, I know !

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I hope you are talking about Yahoo and nothing more serious. :)

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