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Is it possible to turn a situationship into a friendship?

I'm gay. There is this guy ive been going out with, he is great in bed, however, I just want to be friends or FWB. It doesn't matter, because when we hang out he turns it into a date, last time took me to a fancy restaurant even though I was a sweaty mess and embarrassed. There are some intimacy issues too but he is still good in bed. I've been frustrated when guys only wanted sex, and yet somehow with this guy, i now know how it feels. Im thinking the best thing to do is be platonic friends or FWB, but i don't know how to talk to him seriously.


'Ms.' Stephanie: I don't run Yahoo, I probably do have 200 answers, but I do ask more questions, for fun and advice, I have everything set to private, are you not familiar with this. Even if I had a lot of answers and few questions, that doesn't mean a guy doesn't need guidance. You have a good day.

Update 2:

oh i see what you mean but yeh i still dont own yahoo, ask them

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    Honesty is always the best answer. I would talk about this with him. Don’t ask us knuckleheads I suppose 

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    Interesting, you have had 200 answers, but no questions documented. Something isn't being openly shared.  You want to be just friends, but you feel that he wants more of you? Did I read this correctly?  You say you don't know how to talk to him seriously about this? Simple: you just say, quietly and respectfully, what you want and don't want. That's all you can do, his response will be up to him.

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