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Advice on how to stop picking at scalp?

I have minor dandruff but I use a good medicated shampoo that helps. My problem is, I still pick at the flakes on my scalp. They don't itch, I think I pick out of anxiety/stress. I need some advice on how to stop because it has gotten to the point that my head is sore all the time.

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    You need to stop shampooing your hair. I had the same problem for decades and then about five years ago read an article whose writer did what many have done, which is to start washing their hair with plain water. When you use shampoo, it strips the oil from your scalp, which simply causes it to overcompensate by pumping out more oil. Wash your hair with plain water and after your scalp adjusts to the change you won't have any dandruff.

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    Just stop doing it. Are you a big involuntary muscle or something?

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