is there something wrong with my text, was it offensive or something ?

So I’m 17 and at my youth group and this guy who’s 20 who’s also an unofficial leader was talking about feeling judged and being anxious and stuff and what you should do about it so after youth group I texted him and asked more about it and I sent him a text with some questions and he replied 

and then I texted him again with the reply below and he never replied, why?

Yea that’s true and that’s the case almost every time, lol, usually when I worry about stuff like that it all ends up fine because I overthink things 😂 But how do u think I should get more involved in making friends especially at youth group and stuff bc that’s something I’ve been trying to do for so long to just get more involved and into everything but when I talk to people first for example the conversation always dies and stuff then I feel bad for wasting peoples time and then that’s often when I feel like people won’t want to talk to me again bc they might think I’m antisocial or that I don’t want to socialize or make friends and hang out and be myself and stuff which isn’t true at all bc I do and people probably think I don’t. Also I do have a couple friends who do judge me on purpose and enjoy it and I actually do try to stay away from them but they don’t seem to care so what do u think I should do about that? 😬, Anyway also sorry if I’m asking a lot but I know your very good at socializing and stuff and don’t have these problems so I really appreciate talking / texting about it for input also 🙂

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  • Pearl
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    1 month ago
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    maybe you should leave him alone if he dont want to text with you

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Too long of a sob story, No point, No question.

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