How can I get my 11-month-old to sleep through the night?

Ever since my kid's first tooth came in, she has been waking up around 2 or so in the morning and has been having a difficult time going back to sleep.  Even when I can get her back to sleep, she doesn't seem to quite make it into a deep enough sleep for me to get her back into the crib without waking her up.  I've been trying to let her cry it out, but it just seems to wake her up even more...I end up basically waking up at 2 and staying up for the rest of the day because of this.  

Currently, she's taking two 1 hour naps during the day, and goes to bed around 9.  She has been waking up around 8, but this is changing due to work starting back up (most likely, she'll be waking up around 5:45 so that I can change her and load her into her car seat before dropping her off).  She sleeps with the blinds closed, but has a night light on throughout the night.  Any tips or suggestions are appreciated!


*I've also been giving her Orajel at night and pain medication at night.  At first, the pain medication helped settle her down for the night, but I've been trying it on and off now and have noticed no difference (and thusly not giving it to her anymore as she appears not to need it). 

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Here's what will probably be an unpopular opinion... Perhaps the pain of teething has disrupted her sleep cycle so I would suggest giving her a mild pain medication (child friendly of course) before her last feed for a night or two and see if that makes a difference. If it works it might be enough to get her back into a better sleep routine. Either way there will be no harm done. 

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