Is the UK really overpopulated?

If we take in the fact that over 46,000 people have recently died of Covoid-19, are we perhaps in need of an extra 46,000 people?

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    2 months ago
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    Most nations are overpopulated

    which you can recognize by looking at the amount of deforestation and other sorts of loss of "wilderness acreage".

    When a population gets so large

    that it significantly changes the natural environment in which it resides

    then we have overpopulation.

    It's hard for me to imagine what non-overpopulated would look like. Probably: something like one person per 100 acres of land.

    Comparing World population to land area, density is 137 per square mile.

    UK: 710 per sq mi. (Wow, that's high!)

    US: 87 per sq mi.

    Note that desert, glacier, tundra and mountain significantly affect population density. (Nations with lots of those things typically have very low population densities - simply because the environment will not support larger populations).

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    They need about 46 million fewer idiots like you. WRONG FORUM. Fail. 

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    A small number, compared with annual immigration/emigration figures.

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