No one would care if I died today...?

Would my mom? Yes. My boyfriend? Yes? Siblings? Yes. But, I have no friends. I really have not a one friend outside of my boyfriend. No one texts me to hangout or anything or to check on me and I have no idea why. If you are my age ( in the beginning of your 20’s many people have friends ) It just has me thinking if I died today... it would just be another death in the community...  This guy in my city died today, same age as me and a lot of people made him T-shirts, he’s had multiple vigils and social media post about how he was this great person, and people had tons of stories and photos to share of him. Me? No one has photos with me to that extent or videos of me being funny or good story times of us. Its honestly sad. I see that a lot of people in my community who died from my former school people did a lot for them at their vigils or it seems as if they really cared about the individual and had great friendships with that person whom passed away. I went to the guy who died vigil and everyone had a story or two or three about him they shared, people were crying REAL tears, people left photos of the two of them together in front of his home, many were extremely drunk by the thought of losing their friend, so many flowers. Its really sad because I know I wouldn’t get that amount of respect and love after my death... 

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