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My girlfriend doesnt stio being insecure and wants to broadcast our relationship on social media?

Sometimes when I see her she starts imitating me and it gets really anoying. She posts selfies on my Facebook wall and I feel like it's not necessary. We are together every day to the point I almost feel choked up. I cook for her every night and I feel like she craves way more romance than I can give. It's not enough I spend time with her a lot. I feel like....I dont know. Its ageuvating and draining. Weve heen together for a couple years and she still acts like in middle school. If I try to say anything it turns into a fight and she gets very offended. 

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    Social media asid, you need to tell her that you sometimes would appreciate you had some time by yourself, without her, politely. Perhaps she expresses her love in posting pictures online and may not be insecure. Either way the way you are describing this relationship as ‘choking’ seriously suggests you need time away from her, so have that discussion about everything you’ve said here (talking is the best way to solve an issue) at this stage so you don’t have to get to the point where you may even feel you don’t have the same affection for that person anymore. 

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