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Am I jealous or are my feelings valid? ?

So my roommate/best friend recently got a boyfriend. This is our 2nd year living together and the first time one of us has been dating someone. I tend to not be home too much but when I am home and around them it irritates me that they do nothing but lay around and watch TV. They watch it in her bedroom so they aren't taking up the living room, but it really irritates me that they are always home. 

I am generally not someone who gets easily mad or upset but I really hate that this is making me such a negative person. Why do I feel so strongly about something that is not a big deal??

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    is it because they are home all day and the mess they made in the morning is still there at night...well you gotta say something about it!...or It could be you miss having your should still try to include her in your ,me...the boy will follow her like a dog so you can still have your time

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    2 months ago

    Because you are completely jealous even if you don't want to admit it to your self.

    Did you want to play cards or something? Does her BF have a friend you might like?

    Would you consider being a better friend and be happy that she is?

    Good luck                                N .

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