Is "Star Trek Picard" stupid?

Yup, a joke to the original series from the 80s until to the 2000s.

No one who speaks SPANIARD SPanish like his character, Cristobal Rios, speaks with a Latin English accent. XDI swear "TNG" would never have done this stupidity.

Anyone who speaks Spanish like Cristobal Rios will speak with a Frank Lopez English accent (the English accent of Frank Lopez from "Scarface.")If it ain't that Nuyoricans and Italians are supposedly white with Frank Lopez English accents, it's THIS NONSENSE



Because that guy is a speaking a form of Spaniard Spanish (Spanish in the Americas, minus Mexico and the Dominican Republic is a form of Spaniard Spanish obviously, like American English is a form of British Anglo-Saxon English). 

And Picard does have an English accent. It sounds Latin. That's proper. HE just doesn't speak English. Plenty of ethnic English sound Latin in their English accents anyhow.

Update 2:


It's a stupid mixup that shouldn't happen. It doesn't take rocket science to know that people that speak Spaniard Spanish sound like Frank Lopez from "Scarface."People who speak Tito Puente's type of Spanish - Latin Nuyorican Spanish - have Latin English accents.

And those are Riveras, Delgados.

Update 3:


Except they didn't

The character of Sonya Gomez, from "Q Who" - portrayed as white with a Frank Lopez English accent. And no she's not Mexican, she has to be from Central America, the Spanish Carribean or South America, or maybe Spain itself.

Romulans, based on the Romans, have Latin English accents

Cardassians - based on the Spaniards - Frank Lopez from "Scarface."Borg - based on Nordic countries - again Frank Lopez from "Scarface."

Update 4:

And btw, yes Spaniards are Visigoths. Nuyoricans are indigenous Spaniards. Spain is Germanic and Visigoths created what we now know of as Spain.

Update 5:

And on an unrelated note, Tito Puente's form of Spanish is indeed a Romance language. Spaniard Spanish not only doesn't sound romantic, it's very gutteral, and it's extremely similar to Swedish or Danish or Hebrew or Russian. There's nothing romantic about Spaniard Spanish. It's a harsh language. "Vam-in-noes," that's how it sounds when Spaniards speak Spanish

Update 6:


It is an English accent to a decree. England has a shared history with France because of the Normans. That he could be French and have that accent is not improper. Plenty of English sound Latin in their English accent. Those are not the ones whose accent are like those of Emma Thompson or Rowan Atkinson. We're talking those who are not Anglo-Saxon. 

Update 7:

And Spaniards say things like "scumbag" and "********" and "jerkoff" not NUYORICANS or ITALIANS, like "Rocky" makes it seem. A dumb movie.

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  • Random
    Lv 5
    2 months ago

    "TNG" would never have done this stupidity."

    The character Jean-Luc Picard is French and he's played by Patrick Stewart, who's British and has an English accent.  You are hyper-focusing on something that doesn't matter.

  • Sandy
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    it's set about 4-500 years from now. how do you know there would even still BE a "Spainard" Spanish. Picard is French and he has no accent. I watched to first season. it was okay. watched a free trial. wouldn't pay for it.

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