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How do I break my sugar and coffee addiction?

I have a very healthy lifestyle and have a very strict diet, my one weakness is my coffee with a little bit of cream and pump of syrup in the morning. I don't eat dairy (apart from my cream), wheat, red meat, processed food or any other type of sugar (I've even cut out fruit). 

Is this bad that I'm unable to break this addiction. I literally will think about it the night before and get excited knowing I get to have my coffee the next morning. 

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  • Andy C
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    2 months ago

    A very strict diet means that you are not healthy. I'm not ragging on you, just telling you the truth.

    You likely aren't going to be convinced otherwise than your strict diet, but here's an answer for your addictions:

    Addiction is merely a dopamine imbalance in the brain.   Dopamine is a chemical that transmits data between certain neurons; neurons that are responsible for the feeling of pleasure (NOTE: NOT happiness, that's serotonin).

    These dopamine neurons have a unique ability to shut down partially or in full when overstimulated by an outside source (caffeine,  fructose from sugars) in order to prevent permanent damage. 

    This process is called down regulation and IT is responsible for addiction as it leads the brain to think that the overstimulating substance is required for survival,  so addiction is like thirst or hunger. 

    In fact,  thirst and hunger ARE addictions; only necessary ones. 

    When the substance is removed,  too little dopamine is created by the brain,  which then tries to get the substance back. 

    This imbalance takes ~2weeks of absolute abstinence to correct itself, a period during which the afdict is led to believe by the brain that the addict is truly suffering when in fact it's all illusion. 

    Now that you know that the 'I feel like $#!+' period is very finite,  you are now given the tools that you need to defeat any addiction. 

    Especially minor ones like caffeine and fructose. 

    Alcohol,  opiate and cocaine withdrawal can actually kill you.   For those, help is typically required. 

    Source(s): Read the book "Fat Chance " by Dr. Robert Lustig, M.D. to understand why sugar must go, but most carbohydrates are okay. Some even necessary (inulin, cellulose, etc.)
  • 2 months ago

    Caffeine is addictive, but drinking a cup or two of coffee every day is NOT unhealthy. If you want to cut your caffeine dependency, slowly switch for caffeinated to decaf coffee.  

    As for sugar, which is also addictive and not at all healthy, switch over to liquid stevia for companies like Sweet Leaf and Better Stevia. They have flavored versions, so if you like hazelnut or toffee or chocolate, you can get a stevia with that.  Stevia is both zero calories and zero glycemic load -- a great option for people trying to lose weight or decrease carbs and or blood glucose.  These products can be found at Sprouts, Whole Foods and on Amazon. 

  • 2 months ago

    It's an addiction and hard to break. To do so, realize that you won't feel great when doing so. I just did it. It was just coffee because I don't use sugar at all. First I got used to one cup, black per day. Then, I attempted quitting but it was too terrible. So I made the one cup with fewer grounds for a few days. Then, as I knew the ill effects of stopping already, I cleaned the coffee maker, stored it, and quit altogether. I don't eat dairy either. I don't like to be at the mercy of a substance that is addictive like coffee or chocolate. There's less to clean up daily and money is saved. 

  • .
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    2 months ago

    One cup of coffee a day is not a big deal and does not an addiction make. In fact, coffee has healthy qualities. A little cream and sweetener in it is hardly going to cause your entire eating lifestyle to become unhealthy. 


    If you want to stop drinking it however, just stop. It's something you enjoy and you are in the habit of having it daily, but it's no addiction. 

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  • bill
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    2 months ago

    Why bother giving that up? It is one of the little things that will enable you to keep your diet sustainable.

  • 2 months ago

    I'm on a diet, too, but mine is the special k diet. I don't cut anything out really, except I used to drink soda every day with supper and now I only drink it once a week and I noticed I am losing more weight since I made that change. Oh I almost forgot to mention that I also don't eat candy as much as I used to and with snacks I've been picking healthier options but I still eat red meat sometimes. But I have coffee every morning too with creamer and sugar, but I don't care, I need my coffee and I don't like drinking it black. I wouldn't worry about that, that's not bad. I think you're doing pretty good. 

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