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Why are my APACHE open office docs now Microsoft 'word' docs ?

Now I am prevented from opening them, unless I install Word..

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  • 5 months ago

    Open Office had open Word documents.  If your files have become Word documents you should still be able to open them in Open Office.  You do not need Word.

    I suspect what happened is that the association between the Word extensions type (doc and docx) has become unassociated with the Open Office program.  When you click on a file Windows no longer knows what program to use to open them.

    The solution is to right click on one of the files and select "Open with..." from the menu that appears.  If Open Office is not a choice, click the "Choose another app" and find the Open Office word processor.  Make sure that box that says to always use that program it checked, and click the OK to open the program.  That will restore the association between the files and the Open Office program.

    Note that both Open Office and Word save files with more than one extension.  So if you have files (with other extensions) that are not opening in Open Office, you will need to repeat this process from each extension.

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    5 months ago

    all you need to do is tell it to open them with Writer. Writer opens Word docs.

    you could also just uninstall Office, and the icons will change.

  • 5 months ago

    change the association back to Apache.  Not sure why they changed, but you can easily change them back.  find the steps here

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