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Could a “handheld covid scanner” be patented?

Such a device could include an X ray tube, and a digital X ray camera. The image would then be sent to a AI analysis system to locate potential covid infection in airways. 

If such devices could be used, it would enable essentially ubiquitous use. They could be as common as I phone and they could be used by stores to screen customers prior to entry.

Offices could easily test all employees when they enter the building

Schools could scan students at the door and every time they enter the classroom.

Individuals could purchase them to scan people to get a “covid risk score” when they scan people before they interact with them?

Could such a device be patented?

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  • Amy
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    2 months ago

    You can patent anything that (a) is a new idea (including improvements on old ideas such as making a portable version of a large machine), and (b) you have a working prototype of.

    Your device would have to be different from the portable X-ray machines that already exist. Maybe you're only looking to patent the analysis software. But there's not much to analyse: an X-ray scan won't reveal covid. It might reveal pneumonia, but not the cause of the pneumonia. It certainly won't identify asymptomatic carriers. 

    Even if you did patent such a device, that wouldn't make it ubiquitous. People with pneumonia are generally already aware that they're sick and don't show up at work. Your device is less useful than the thermometers that offices and schools are already using. And it irradiates people with X-rays, which is a lot more dangerous than sticking a q-tip up someone's nose. Who would pay for such a device?

    By the time you built a factory to manufacture the device and found some customers willing to pay for them, a covid vaccine will probably exist.

  • 2 months ago

    Can it be patented? Of course it can. 

    Can it be used? Unless you get everyone to sign a medical release, and provide them with the results in private, then you are looking at major lawsuits.

    See - a patent does not mean too much; many items are patented that will never be used due to inherent issues.

    I actually own the patent to a urinary catheterization device. No medical device manufacturer is interested, but whenever one of the existing devices is modified (as happens in the industry), I usually am asked if it is similar to my patent. In one case it was, and I got $5000 ( I was going to ask for $700 but they offered more) to allow their patent to be used.

  • Tavy
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    2 months ago

    What exactly are you scanning? A virus does not show up on an X-ray only in a blood test.

    Many people have asthma which tightens the airways, you cannot differentiate between that and a virus.

    Non starter.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Sure it can be patented.

    Interpreting radiographic images is considered practicing medicine which is illegal without a license.  Diagnosing is also illegal without a license to practice.

    And let's not forget about Constitutional rights of individuals.

    And then there's HIPPA. 

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  • A
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    2 months ago

    You would have to prove it works and submit a patent application detailing each part

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