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Chest tightness from cannabis? ?

I was a chronic smoker for a while, smoked everyday multiple times. I stopped during corona because of money, and saw it as an opportunity to stop. I never had a single issue with weed, no matter how crap or how much I smoked. 

After I stopped smoking for a few weeks, my sister had come back from my hometown with some stronger weed, and so, thinking I could still smoke the same as I could before I stopped, rolled a whole packed spliff to myself (I roll with tobacco). I smoked the whole thing, but once I got back into my room I started freaking out out of nowhere. My chest became really tight, I thought my heart had stopped and I had a panic attack. Thinking it was just due to weed induced paranoia, I didn’t think much of it. I tried smoking again, this time only a small skinned one. The same happened again. And then this happened a few times after as well, putting less in the more it happened. I can only take about 3 tokes without it affecting me.

I go into smoking thinking whatever happens it’s just all in my head, and I’m not actually experiencing any health problems, as it only happens when I smoke weed, I have no issues with smoking tobacco. 

I’d really like to fix this and to be able to smoke every now and then, I have no plans to become a chronic smoker again, I’d just like to be able to have a joint again without freaking out. 

Is it really giving me health issues, or is it just weed paranoia? 

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  • KatieC
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    2 months ago

    It sounds like your tolerance went down just like it would with anything else and then you smoked too much. I used to smoke frequently in college and was fine with multiple times per day. Now I only smoke every once in a while and am good for a few hours after literally 2-3 hits. Also, your heart can really race if you smoke while you’re dehydrated. I don’t know if that applies to you, but it can happen. 

  • GF
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    2 months ago

    And weed is the "safe" drug that cures all illnesses. Look at the marijuana activists. Do they look healthy? NO, THEY DON'T. THEY LOOK 3 TIMES OLDER THAN THEY ARE. Most look like they live under a highway overpass 

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