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almost finished training for half marathon in october. I want to bulk I'm 22 and weigh 64kg. basic muscle mass, how do I bulk to 80kg?

It seems impossible. How the hell, it's not even possible to stomach 2 eggs a day, I can barely eat in the morning because my cycle is to end up eating late at night and that's when I get hungry.

 I noticed once on a night shift, I was eating 3 big meals and snacks comfortably through the night.

 No way in hell is that possible in the day time. I sleep relatively ok hours. 5-10 hours per night chops and changes. (bad i know) but my work schedule is all over the place. 

I get sleep inertia and morning depression which could impact my eating maybe idk? I feel sick when I wake up so I don't want to eat probably because sleeping impacts food sitting in my stomach from the night before. 

But if I go to bed hungry I won't sleep. 

The only thing that fixed it once was not having my normal dinner meal one night. But now I'm getting hungry at night again. I can't bring myself to cook chicken and meat everyday. I do have the time and some of the money. 

Yet it feels so depressing. I lift weights, but no more than 15kg per side for any workout except the bench press. I can't bicep curl more than 10kg and that's been the same for years; my biceps are literally stuck. I feel like weight lifting, heavy or light is just contributing to my weight loss rather than gain. I enjoy running, I find it addictive. But I also wanna be swole and focus on that instead. But my body just doesn't enjoy it. How do I structure this properly. 


by the way i also have a fish allergy, many awful symptoms including vomiting, nausea, headaches, pooing issues. Have to keep away from that stuff. even looking at it makes me sick. I seem to be very sensitive to feeling sick to a lot of things it seems

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    Try to do compound full body exercises like push ups, pull ups, squats.

    But really it's mostly diet; you have to force yourself to eat a lot. No way around it.

    People that look swole take protein powder and eat all the time unless they have genetics for it.

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