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Why does society care about elderly old people when they are at the end of their lives and are just going to die anyways?


Why does society care so much about elderly old people dying of covid when they are at the end of their lives anyways and are just going to die anyways?

Update 2:

Elderly people die all the time this is nothing new why does society care about elderly people dying of covid when they are reaching the end of their lives? Shouldn't society care more for us young people then elderly people?

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  • Mike
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    6 months ago

    That depends on your point of view. Like how old are you?

  • fcas80
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    7 months ago

    Yes, but exactly when will the end come?  And meanwhile the elderly have a lot of money to spend.  Better keep them alive before their money disappears after death.

  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    I've wondered that, as well.

    Sure, old people can be a great source of information, when they're lucid, not senile, and not hostile out of dementia. But no one is SO important that everything will fall apart if they don't get to pass on that knowledge, despite what idiots tell you. Heck, sometimes, mean abusive old people leave a better world behind BECAUSE they died.

    Besides that, some of their "wisdom" is useless in a world that's very different from when they were young. Have you ever had a grandparent try to shame, abuse, and harass you, for refusing to give YOUR hard-earned money to a leech of a relative, when giving YOUR paycheck means that you have to choose whether to have the lights turned off, go hungry for a week, or miss a month of medication that helps keep your body healthy? Be grateful if you never had a grandparent insist that YOU being able to stay healthy, warm, and avoid starvation is worlds less important than a lazy relative being able to pay rent on a flophouse and blow cash on drugs.

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