What would be the right power supply base on the estimated wattage of my system? ?


I am trying to build my first gaming computer and I went to pcpartpicker.com to get the components on my system and it gives me an estimated of 707 watts with both crossfire gpu. Without the crossfire it gives me about 500 range wattage. My problem is that I am not sure if should buy a 750 watts PSU or 850 PSU. I am just trying to be safe. 


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    5 months ago

    An 800 will be fine.

  • 5 months ago

    Well I have a few RX 580 that I mine Cryptocurrency with when the weather is colder. I had a couple 8gb RX 580's (Sapphire Nitro) and the power consumption according to a Kill-O-Watt meter was around 550w-590w. I was using an old Corsair TX750 power supply. That's 75% to 80% of the power supply's capacity and that's about as high as I'd want to go. 75% to 80% is inaccurate because there's a difference between what's being pulled from the wall and what the hardware is using. Your overall power consumption numbers may differ depending on the efficiency of the power supply and other hardware in your system. If I didn't already have the TX750 then I would have gone for an 850w power supply, preferably an 80plus Gold or higher unit. 

    The only somewhat current cards that are Crossfire capable are older cards like the RX 570, RX 580, RX 590, Vega 56 or 64, and the Radeon VII, The RX 5000 series cards are not Crossfire capable. If you want to try Crossifre then it's good to know that not all games work well with dual-cards and some games don't work with Crossfire or SLI at all. 

    When the RX 480 came out 4 years ago, I decided to grab a couple of them on launch day. I had them running in Crossfire but not all games did so well. What didn't help is I was running with a 4k monitor. With Deus Ex, the screen resolution had to be dropped to 2560x1440 for the game to run. I ended up getting a GTX 1080ti and then I put those RX 480's into a miner. 

    If you're going to stick with a single card then a 550w power supply will work for most cards. However, if you think that you might ever buy a 2nd hand RTX 2080 or GTX 1080ti then look for a 650w unit. A 750w power supply is recommended for an RTX 2080ti or Radeon VII. It is possible to run an RTX 2080ti with a 650w unit, but that also depends on the system configuration.

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    5 months ago

    a 750 watts PSU will be more than enough

  • VP
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    5 months ago

    By as large a PSU as you can afford.  Don't forget about the extra doodads you'll often connect to a running desktop. If you buy the 750W PSU you'll be looking over your shoulder wondering if today was the day you exceeded it.  


    But it's your machine and your money. Spend it as you like!

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