Determine the following. ​a) mean ​b) median ​c) mode ​d) midrange?

The total cholesterol level of 10 patients of a doctor are 156 ​, 196 ​,213 ​, 248,171 ​, 211​,185 ​,282 ​,203 and 133 . Determine the following.

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  • 4 months ago
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    a) Sum and divide by 10: 199.8

    b) Half are above, half are below.  If you have an even number of observations, average the two middle values: 199.5

    c) Most frequently occurring: None (all values are different)

    d) The average of the largest and smallest: 207.5

  • Elaine
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    4 months ago

    Mean:  Find the sum of all the numbers and divide by the number of items.  Think of Mean as Average.

    Median:  Arrange the numbers is ascending order beginning with the lowest number and end with the highest.  Find the number which is in the middle.  In this case you have 10 numbers. What 2 numbers lie in the middle (you should have 4 numbers on both the left & right of these numbers).  Take the average of the middle 2 numbers.

    Mode:  Find numbers which appear more than once.  

    Modality:  Take the highest and lowest number and find their average. 

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