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Is it silly for me to book airfare 3 months in advance?

My birthday is in mid November.

I wish to do some traveling.

Should I wait closer to my actual dates of travel before booking airfare?

The reason I ask this is because we are all unsure of the outlook in regards to the pandemic. Things might be better, or things might be worse.

I am booking my travel within the USA .

But still , I wish for there to be no travel restrictions when November hits. And I want for bars , restaurants , shopping centers and other local business to be open 🙂

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    Normally, it's best to book in advance because prices tend to increase the closer you get to travel time.  But you are right to be concerned about continued restrictions, and I doubt you'll find a destination that it is fully unrestricted at that time.  So I would wait, because refundable plane tickets are very expensive and that's the only way to get your money back if you cancel your ticket.

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    No, I don't think so.  Go ahead and do it.

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    Under normal circumstances it isn't, but with the pandemic there's no way to know what the conditions will be that far in advance.

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    The reason I ask this is because we are all unsure of the outlook in regards to the pandemic. Things might be better, or things might be worse.

    EVERYONE including the health experts has exactly the same problem. NO ONE KNOWS.

    IF you decide to book  as the prices are cheap just READ the cancellation/change/refund section BEFORE you pay. You just mention Airfare. Are you planing to sleep on the streets? Rent a car?

    The health officials are not really too concerned about what YOU WANT.

    Travel if you want. Just accept you might bring home an unwanted companion to share with those near and dear to you.

    The ways things have gone with schools that already opened and little events like motorcycle rallies you will have a much clearer indication of November issues sometime around the middle of September. Many will not want to miss out on that last summer party labor day weekend.

    The number of flights is expected to be limited until NEXT YEAR the limited seats will be booked up soon.

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    You can wish for whatever you want - but the way things are going, I think it's unlikely.

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    It’s usually cheaper if you book it way in advance, then the prices go up in the last month or so. So it’s smart to book ahead of time and schedule everything out. That said, some people say it could get worse by October and things will close up again. But we can’t be sure. You could wait until you’re absolutely sure or you could decide to go anyway. 

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