Is 17 too late to start acting? ?

I am enrolled in theatre classes and going to start acting classes soon. I feel like everyone starts when they are 6 or 5 , Am I too late?

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    5 months ago
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    The answer from 'Anonymous' is, sadly, right.

    It's certainly not too late to start acting, but to expect any more than a few roles in amateur/community theatre, even after things get back to normal, would be wildly optimistic.

    It takes many years of attending a really good acting school to learn everything you'd need to know, just to get started, but many community theatres will teach you as you go, and cast you in very small roles to see if you've learned anything in your classes and whether or not you have any talent.

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    Ok, can I just say that the favorite answer is WRONG. First off, you're 17... ONLY 17! SO YOUNG!!! You have no idea how young you are. I wish I could go back so bad lol. You can do whatever you put your mind to. I'm not saying you are going to be a famous, a-list, academy award winning actor one day, but there are THOUSANDS of actors who have work and are simply not "famous". It is rare to achieve fame and wealth from acting and often by luck and knowing the right people. But who knows? Maybe it could happen to you. The important thing is that you have a passion for the art and enjoy it and want to learn and grow. Don't strive for fame. I know a girl who went to my theatre school as a kid and she started in her junior year of high school with zero experience, graduated high school and one year later was cast as an understudy in a musical on Broadway. Some people just have raw talent as well, and maybe you do too. I can think of so many famous actors who if they hadn't shown up to that random casting call, they'd be totally unknown to us. Many of them had no previous experience. It is NEVER too late. Still, that is rare to get that successful, but you can almost always find work as an actor/stage performer. I do. It's small parts but I do it because I love it. I get paid the majority of the time too. Not enough to live on, but it's nice to have something extra for doing a job that doesn't even feel like work. 

    If you seriously want to get into acting/theatre- continue with your theatre classes, be in as many performances as you can, consider taking dance and voice lessons to be a well-rounded performer and stand out a little bit more (but please take voice lessons only from a trained voice professor. They usually teach classes at universities and will do lessons on the side. It can be dangerous to your voice to receive bad training from someone who is not professionally trained!), get headshots and write up your resume then send it to an agency (beware of scams though and do your research on the agency! Plenty of research!), also I'll recommend signing up for a site called - you can find extra work and background roles that pay. (I've never not gotten paid at least $150 but that may just be the area I'm in.) I have worked these jobs countless times and there's almost always some lucky extra on set that day that just so happens to fit the description of a part the production needs filled and they randomly get picked to say a few lines and then are also paid way more and become SAG/AFTRA eligible!Ignore the people telling you it's too late. I wish you knew just how young you actually are and all the time you have ahead of you. Take this time while you're still young and study, practice, get any gig you can find to at least gain experience. Also, what if you love acting so much and decided to even teach it at a college one day? That's a great and fun career to have in my opinion. You won't get anywhere with the attitude that it's not worth it. Just do what you love and strive to be your best. Sorry this is so long lol, but those comments really annoyed me and made me angry to be honest. They sound like they came from jealous, old people, who wish they could go back to being 17 and take advantage of all their opportunities. All the opportunities that THEY passed up but YOU can still take advantage of. So go for it dude!!! You have one life. Don't give up and regret the risks you didn't take. That's a terrible feeling. It is not too late, I promise you.

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    I did some modeling in Phoenix in the 1980's and ended up moving over to acting in movies out in Arizona and Utah for awhile. The studio made me take some acting lessons of course.  I was in my early '30's at the time. Location shooting has long hours but the catered food was always good. You just never know when opportunity knocks.

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    5 months ago

    Depends what sort of career you want in acting. Some of my acting colleagues in my drama club started well into adulthood.

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Professional teen and child actors did start at about 5-6. And many successful adult actors started this young. If you're expecting to be a teen actor, it's too late for you to be one. But if you accept that it'll take about a decade just to build a resume strong enough to impress agents in order to be signed and then go to auditions for professional work, and if you accept that it'll probably take about *another* decade for you to get your first serious role (IF you get one - statistically you won't), if you accent that it'll take you 20 years in total, give or take, of hard work, tons of money, and plenty of luck to get a single good role in a serious production, as an adult, then it's not too late. If you can't accept this reality, nothing matters because you're never gonna get this far regardless of your age.

    That being said, it might be a little too late for you to become a professional actor. In the UK if you don't start as a child your chances are close to zero. Not zero, but close. Because no legit agent will sign you if you haven't graduated from one of the top acting schools in the country (the one you're talking about is not one of them).Only about a dozen out of thousands who apply get accepted per year. The competition is stuff. Those who get accepted are not only very talented but also already very trainted and experienced - not just at acting but also at dancing and singing. They've been performing with the best theaters (including youth theaters) and studing acting, dancing and singing since they were kids. If you haven't by now, then the chances that you will be one of the dozen that get accepted into one school are extremely small. However, if you're willing to work that hard, from square one, and if you're also talented at dancing and singing, you might be able to catch up and maybe stand a chance of getting accepted into one of those schools, in your late 20's-early 30's. If you're not, then I'm sorry but it's not meant to be.

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    Tom Cruise started acting at 18 years old, he and many others. You're really wrong to think you're too late

  • 5 months ago

    Rodney Dangerfield, 42

    John Mahoney (Frasier), 39

     Judd Hirsh (Taxi), 36

    Glenn Close, 35

    George Wendt (Cheers), 32

    Morgan Freeman, 32

    Gene Hackman, 30

    Geoffrey Rush, 30

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