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Flying from Germany to Canada?

My girlfriend lives in Germany and is struggling to live there since her parents are very hard on her and she is getting depressed and suicidal because she feels covid wont ever end. we are ready to live together and i am wondering if there is any way for her to fly to Canada and be with me, i know she wont be able to live there forever because she needs to become a citizen first but we can apply in Canada i believe. she is not sick at all or anything, she is 19. i need any help. i live and was born in canada. i know marriage might be an option but i dont know what or how that would work and i want to be able to get married here. please help me im very worried for her

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    You need to do some reading first. She does NOT need to become a citizen- ever, unless she wants to be. She does need a reason to come to Canada. You can apply to bring her in as your fiancee. Then you would have a certain period of time to get married. You really need to consult an immigration attorney. They don't charge much for an initial consultation. The situation now is complicated because of COVID, but Germany is one of the countries that has it pretty well under control. I hope both of you are over 21, and that you can sign a financial affadavit saying that you will support her. If she comes in on a fiancee visa, she can work, but she can't go on government support. 

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    Er, no - she can't visit as a tourist, and there's no quick way to get a fiancee visa. 

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    No, under the current border Shutdown in Canada, she does not qualify for any exemption to enter the country.

    If she flew in tomorrow, the CBSA would stop her and put her on the first plane back to Germany.

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