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Starting a mobile home?

So I have a good bit of money saved up and I want to buy some land and put a double wide on it. However, I don’t even know where to start. I’ve done some research and came across stuff that I never even heard of such as zoning. I read that the land will need utilities before I purchase it, otherwise it’ll cost a fortune. What do I need to do first? And after that? 

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    If you don't know what you are doing the best idea would be to hire someone who does.  Consider hiring an experienced real estate agent to represent you in the purchase and help you locate potential property to suit your needs.  When buying listed property having your own agent won't cost you a dime more.

    If you want to go it alone, the first step is to go to the county planning and zoning office to determine what property will allow you to have a mobile home.  Generally speaking any land zoned agricultural will, and only certain property zoned residential, which are typically developed for the sole purpose of mobile homes, having easy access to utility hook ups.  On agriculture zone property you will often have to build a septic system and well, and may or may not be able to access power at the street.  Some use propane systems for electricity and heat.  The mobile home dealership often offers information on contractors who specialize in this work.  Yes, it expensive.

    The other option is to rent a lot in a trailer park.  Just park and hook up.

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    Find a mobile home that is for sale with the land.  You don't know enough about this to buy land without a mobile home because you won't know until it's too late whether or not you can put a mobile home on that land.  Find land that already has a mobile home, so you know that one can be there.

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    "I’ve done some research and came across stuff that I never even heard of such as zoning." No you asked a question on YA Q&A and got answers from people who told you that...that is NOT research.

    However you realise you are clueless about this and need to do some real research where you live before you waste you time and money and end up with  having nothing to show because you failed to do real research

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