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New home or not?

I am going to be a first-time home buyer in Southern California, and I’ve always wanted a new-build home. I know many of you will say to speak to my realtor, but I wanted opinions from others.

Should I not buy a new-build home or should I go for it? Thank you!!

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    You buy based on what you WANT--not other people's opinions. If you want a new-build, then buy one! There should be no doubt what you want when you shop for a new home. You should have a list of the amenities and features you want, and a list of things that will be 'deal-breakers'--things you DON'T want. Then tell that to your realtor--and if they are any good, they will stick to it and try to find you exactly what you ask for. 

  • New homes often have builders grade appliances, paint, and flooring that you end up having to replace (it's cheaper) unless you go custom which is expensive.  Never mind other issues.  Buying an existing home would mean you can have a home inspection (hint- NEVER use anyone the seller recommends) who will ideally be able to identify any issues.  Plus (and this might be an issue in California due to earthquakes), I would want the foundation to settle (it can take 18-24 months).  

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    DUDE - it depends where you want to live.

    I'm in SoCal too.. there are no "new builds" in my neighborhood. 

    Some areas will only have new builds.

    Do you want a property that is in an older neighborhood but the previous home was torn down and rebuilt?

    What kind of you buy will be primarily based on the location. 

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    Generally it is cheaper to purchase a 'secondhand' property, new builds you pay premium amount for where as a secondhand home in the same area possibly built by the same builder but earlier on the people would have done the garden, fitted curtain rails/blinds, upgraded things like lights and added other extras......however it comes don to what you want and what you can afford

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    Can you afford one?  Do you have the credit, income and down payment?

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