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Kittens play fighting?

So I have a 2 month old kitten and a 4 month old kitten. The older one is obviously the resident cat.

They met and appear to be getting along. However, big kitty seems to keep play fighting (claw free swiping, without hissing.) Young kitty doesn't mind, however big kitty gets rougher and rougher to the point where young kitty gets a bit scared so we end up separating them.

What else should I do?


Can't seem to reply for some reason. So Frankenstein, I don't separate every time they play. Usually I only do it when the other kitten starts trying to back away. Sometimes older kitten will actually bite her and cause young kitten to scream. Btw, forgot to say they're both girls if it's any importance.

Update 2:

Letting them duke it out was the best decision, now they're best buddies.

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    Stop separating them. The young kitten will let the older know when he's had enough. This is what they do. The older one is getting a better grasp on his motor skills and needs someone to practice on. The younger cat WILL get there and make the older cat's life a living hell in a couple weeks, I can tell you that right now. Just give it time. 

    Also, if you keep separating them, it's going to cause more problems in the long run. You claim the younger cat gets a bit scared? NOPE. You keep removing the bigger cat away from him and he's going to grow into a coward scared of everything. You cannot baby him. Sorry/not sorry, but one of the biggest mistakes pet owners make is not allowing their animals to give into their natural instincts, that, and assuming you know what the animals are feeling. Stop babying the baby. He needs to learn. 

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    Make a hiding place for the younger kitten, that could be a paper bag on a high shelf that she can reach, or something like that. You could also give the older cat more attention and it might distract her from the younger cat. If nothing works, you might have to give one of them away.

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    Let them duke it out. They are just babies figuring things out right now.

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    No need to separate them. If the play fighting gets too rough, then the little one will complain by whining and the big one will get the message and stop being so rough.

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    make sure u give older cat attention. He may be jelous. But keep seperating when it gets to  rough. When the smaller cat gets bigger the older one may leave him alone.

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    3 months ago

    let them play, when the older one gets too rough separate, in a few months the size won't be an issue

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