I can hear my sister and her bf having sex every night, what do i do?

We share a wall, and it’s very thin and both of our beds are against that wall, i have a small room so i can’t rearrange and she refuses to. i am 15 and she is 18 so i don’t really have a choice yk. it makes me very uncomfortable and it keeps me awake at night i mean until 4am. she knows i can hear them but dosent seem to care and i’ve tried headphones and earplugs and they don’t work, they’ve even woken me up because they are having sex. i don’t want to embarrass them by banging on the wall but idk how to talk to her about it. pls help me out

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  • 1 month ago


    I would give her a dose of her own medice (so to speak): The next time she has sex, you walk in on them, embarass the hell out of them, and let them know that's how you feel everytime they do it.

    I can assure you she will learn empathy real quick and real fast.

  • 1 month ago

    Try listening to white noise, that is, rain, or running water, or thunderstorms. Even an air conditioner works. White noise 'scrambles' audio signals.

  • nalla
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    1 month ago

     Very inconsiderate of them both, what do your parents think? Personally I would bang on the wall and upset the rhythm of the sex

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