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Infected piercings?

Ok so back in January I went to get 3 more piercings and I assumed the guy was going to use a needle because he did my belly button one and he did a great job, but he ended up using a gun and I froze and he did all 3 of them like that. Well they all ended up infected and yes I took them off a few months ago and now I’m getting them redone with someone better. Well after a bit I used those piercings for my old piercing holes that I’ve been having since I was 10 and it got those infected too! I think it’s the material he used for them. He probably used the cheapest kind. Anyways I’ve been having this pair for almost 14 years, so best advice to clean this infection? I don’t wanna get them redone too. 

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    Put in high quality jewelry so the piercing doesn't close up, and care for the irritated piercing with sea salt soaks.  If the sea salt soaks don't clear up the infection, go to your doctor.  

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