What are the top richest football clubs in the world?

2 Answers

  • Wokaz
    Lv 6
    5 months ago

    The official ranking according to Forbes:

    1. Real Madrid

    2. Barcelona

    3. Manchester United

    4. Bayern Munich

    5. Manchester City

    6. Chelsea

    7. Arsenal

    8. Liverpool (may have overtaken Arsenal after winning the league)

    9. Tottenham Hotspur

    10. Juventus

    This is based on overall value and current finances, not necessarily who spends the most on player transfers.

  • 5 months ago

    Real Madrid/Manchester United, you'll find that the clubs who are most successful in Europe's top leagues will no doubt be in the top 3 of the richest clubs in that league also, coincidence? I think not, the finances are slowly ruining the beautiful game.

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