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I have aspergers and sensory processing disorder. I wet the bed till I was 11 almost 12. Are these things connected?

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  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    Not always, but you should just see a psychiatrist for treatment. Good luck!:)

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Not necessarily. Enuresis is usually considered hereditary when it happens in a child over age 4 and cannot be medically explained by other means. I had it myself, but it had nothing to do wit the fact that I am also mildly Autistic. In my case, it ran in my father's mother's family, and I inherited one or more of the genes that cause it at conception. In your case, I suspect that the reason the disorder subsided is because you outgrew it, the way most children with this disorder generally do. As you became more mature, your ability to control your body functions- even in deep sleep- improved, and the disorder went away.

    Sensory integration and/or processing disorders are common in people with Autism, because of the way their brains function. Not all Autistic people have such disorders, however. I hate crowds and crowded places, and I acutely dislike certain kinds of sounds- but that doesn't necessarily mean I have a sensory disorder.

  • 6 months ago

    Don't know about the bed wetting, but sensory disorders definitely are.  My grandson has Asperger's and he's super sensitive to sound and smells.  Sometimes both in a restaurant overwhelm him so he has to excuse himself and go outside the restaurant until it calms down.  He's also incapable of remembering faces; so he can forget what members of his own family look like.  

    On the flip side he has a photographic memory; so he did very well in college.  And he's taught himself how to recognize individuals without needing to remember their faces.

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