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What is good writing? There is no right or wrong answer for this question. Address it based on your intuition and experience?

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    Good writing gets your point across. That's it. If your reader easily understands precisely what you mean, whether you've written a horror story or shelf-assembly instructions, that is how you know the writing is good. Often there is tangible proof that your writing is effective ... for example, the reader now sleeps with the lights on, or enjoys a serviceable piece of furniture. 

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    It goes like this. In response to your inquiry, I must inform you that you have no authority to dictate the parameters of my answer. Quite frankly, excellent writing skills do not involve intuition or necessarily experience. Superior composition requires a command of the language, grammar, and subject matter. To be sure, your question is absurd on its face, and a logical fallacy

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    The writer avoids

    * ambiguity

    * sentences and paragraphs that are too long

    * overuse of adjectives or adverbs

    * language that is too abstract, as opposed to language that conveys mental images

    * uncommon words where common words will do

    * sentences that have an unpleasant sound, such as sentences in which the same word is used again and again

    * word choices that are not quite right, don't convey exactly what the writer wants to convey

    * sentences and paragraphs that are not necessary

  • 2 months ago

    You need to have a good story that draws people to it.

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